CU Boulder is an incomparable place to learn about the challenges and possibilities for sustainable futures. Raised by two teachers, Prof. Pezzullo values classrooms as opportunities to discover, reflect, and engage timely topics through improving critical thinking and communication (both oral and written). Grounded in rhetoric and cultural studies, her primary areas of expertise include climate and environmental justice, environmental communication, social movements, and tourism.

Pezzullo has been awarded a Lamba Pi Undergraduate Teaching Award, a Trustee’s Teaching Award, a Faculty Mentor Award for graduate teaching, and has received competitive teaching grants. Pezzullo has directed over half a dozen dissertations and served on the committee of over 30 MA and PhD students. In 2022, she was nominated by graduate students (current & former) and recognized with the Daniel C. Brouwer Faculty Mentorship Award.

She also publishes on pedagogy, including three editions of an award-winning textbook. In 2022, Pezzullo was the lead faculty coordinator of a competitive interdisciplinary campus-wide workshop on teaching Climate Across the Curriculum.

University of Colorado-Boulder (Fall 2015-present)
Undergraduate Courses Taught:
Storytelling & Climate Justice (forthcoming)
Environmental Communication
Advanced Senior Seminar: Environmental Tourism
Rhetorical Foundations of Communication

Graduate Courses Taught:

  • Rhetorics of Transgression and Resistance
  • Environmental Communication, Topics: Toxic Bodies, Racial Ecologies
  • Rhetoric and Civic Community: Vulnerability and Public Life
  • Contemporary Rhetorical Theory
  • Foundations of Environmental Justice

Indiana University-Bloomington (Fall 2002-Spring 2015)
Undergraduate Courses Taught:

Human Biology B300: Human Dilemmas: Living Downstream
Communicating Sustainability
Public Advocacy
Environmental Communication and Public Spheres
Environmental Communication: Environmental Tourism
The Rhetoric of Social Movements
Gender and Communication

Graduate Courses Taught:                         

  • Environmental Communication and Public Culture
  • Rhetorics of Transgression and Resistance
  • Feminism and Rhetorical Theory: On Bodies
  • Feminism and Rhetorical Theory: An Introduction
  • Introduction to Pedagogy in Communication and Culture
  • Introduction to Rhetoric and Public Culture

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill (Spring 1998-Fall 2001)

Undergraduate Courses Taught:

  • Environmental Advocacy
  • Social Theory & Cultural Diversity
  • Rhetoric of Social Movements
  • Rhetoric & Social Controversy
  • Oral Communication/Argument
  • Gender, Communication, and Culture
  • Environmental Communication & the Public Sphere