Environmental Communication and The Public Sphere

EnvCommPublicSphere.COVER.5thEdNOTE: 6th Edition coming in 2021!

The Fifth Edition of Environmental Communication and the Public Sphere remains the most comprehensive introduction to the timely and growing field of environmental communication. This innovative book focuses on how communication influences the ways we imagine, make choices, and act in the environment. It also examines what motivates us to engage environmental matters publicly, whether we are moved by pressing crises or by the affection we feel for a specific animal, park, or neighborhood.

Phaedra Pezzullo brings decades of experiences working with grassroots environmental justice organizations and citizen-state partnerships, as well as internationally recognized research on communication and culture, public spheres, civic engagement, toxic tours, and climate justice. Three-time president of the Sierra Club, the largest environmental group in the United States, Robert Cox leverages his vast experience to offer insights into the news media, Congress, environmental conflict, advocacy campaigns, and other real-world applications of environmental communication.

The authors introduce main approaches, vocabulary, and debates of this evolving field. The Fifth Edition includes: defining environmental communication as a discipline of crisis and care; remapping the field of environmental communication to reflect our growing community of scholars and practitioners; and engaging new research on topics, such as industrial apocalyptic rhetoric, media impact, science communication, and environmental conflict management. This edition also explores recent events—the Trump Administration, wolf controversies, public land milestones, the Flint Water Crisis, corporate disinformation campaigns, just transition alliances, the Peoples’ Climate March, international legal precedents, and more—to illustrate key terms and the significance of environmental communication.

The Sixth Edition is under contract to be published by the end of 2021.